17. Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Historic Tour

808 R St.
Lincoln, NE 68508

CATEGORY: Historic Haymarket Tour

2013, BVH Architects

The Marriott Courtyard is one of two hotels built at 8th and R Streets while the Arena was under construction, opening in 2013.  Both hotels are on sites of old warehouses, both of which had been altered to the point they had lost their historic character and integrity.  Both hotels continue the strong 8th Street form of docks and canopies.  Marriott Courtyard, like The Railyard, combines a more traditional masonry face towards its historic neighbors and more modern materials and style within its entrance courtyard.  The hotel also added an elegant, glass-roofed canopy to shelter its drop-off lane on R Street—a modern re-interpretation of the glass-roofed canopies at the east entrances to Lincoln Station.

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