5. Original Lazlo's Brewery & Grill

710 P St.
Lincoln, NE 68508

CATEGORY: Historic Haymarket Tour

1990, Dale Gibbs, architect

          The building on this site originally was a two-story structure, built around 1886, with a cast-iron storefront at the first story and a brick second story.  It looked much like 814 P St. one block east.  The upper floor was removed in 1956 (but traces of it can still be seen on the east and west walls of the taller buildings flanking 710 P) and the lower floor was bricked over.  In 1989, owners Lou and Gale Shields were planning a renovation, just when another 1880s storefront was slated for demolition at 1020 P Street.  The windows and cast-iron elements of that storefront were salvaged and reused at 710 P Street, filling in a “missing tooth” of the Haymarket streetscape.  In 1991 the refurbished building became home to Nebraska’s first brewpub, Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill, which truthfully advertised that it was Nebraska’s oldest and largest brewery, as it was also the only brewery then operating in the state.  Lazlo’s was created by the entrepreneurial Boles/Schafer family and partner Jay “Lazlo” Jarvis.  Lazlo’s eventually outgrew this narrow space and filled two adjacent larger buildings, as well as spawning additional Lazlo’s and “Fireworks” locations and Empyrean Brewing Co.

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